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person authorized to represent: Monika Auer

Sales tax identification number: DE 129541826

General Terms of Business and Liability

1. Content of the online offer

Yeguada Armin Rahn does not take any responsibility for the timeliness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information offered. Indemnity claims against Yeguada Armin Rahn because of damage caused by the usage or not-usage of offered incorrect information of Yeguada Armin Rahn are impossible if not – in single cases – a breach of duty by Yeguada Armin Rahn has caused a damage of life, body or health.

All offers are subject to change and not binding. Yeguada Armin Rahn reserves the right to change, add to or delete parts of pages or the complete offer without seperate notice.

2. Cross reference and links:
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3. Copyright and trademark legislation
Yeguada Armin Rahn is anxious to attend to the copyright of the included graphic art, sound documents, videos and texts in all publications; to use self-made graphic art, sound documents, videos and texts or to use licence free graphic art, sound documents, videos and texts. All brands and trademarks mentioned on the website and possibly protected by a third party are subject to the effective trademark legislation and the right of ownership of the registered owners. Just because of an entry it is not possible to draw the conclusion that the rights are not protected by a third party.

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