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The white Pearls of Andalusia

In 1986 we were really lucky to find an exceptional stallion in Esperado III. He is outstanding as far as his exterior and his unique character are concerned.

In combination with the first mares of our breeding like Catadora and Hacendosa Esperado III gave us great horses. Thus over the years we were able to create an excellent base of white tap-root mares.

The “white pearls of Andalusia”, as these horses are sometimes called because of their traditional roan colour, felt immediately at home in our little place Großlintach in Lower Bavaria. Esperado III by the way is now 29 years old (born 1982) but he does not look it. He is still mating and in excellent health.

White Andalusian

White Andalusian

The rare black Colour

Another lucky and unique opportunity regarding our black Andalusians was the purchase of a stallion and a one year old horse from the famous breeding farm of Martinez Boloix. Kai-Kirse and Aceituno  brought the colour to our herds. In addition to that we were able to get some more very characteristic and expressive horses that are unbelievably easy to ride. This is important because it is not our only aim to breed horses of a particular colour,  but our emphasis lies on qualities like exterior, paces, character, expression etc.. The mating with black horses like Famosa and Elea from the farm of Samuel Lopez or the brown mixed breed studs like Quinita, Garza or Bio-Eskin, who have similar qualities, formed the base of our black and brown Spanish horses. The results of these breeding efforts – our “black pearls” -  are by now studs in the second and third generation on our farm. They make us marvel and please our hearts and minds every day.

Black Andalusian

Black Andalusian

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