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Stallion, born 2018
Father: De Broissia
Mother: Gesa


Wasabino *sold*
Stallion, born 2018
Father: De Broissia
Mother: Caprichosa

Andalusians Umbroso

Umbroso *sold*
Stallion, born 2016
Father: De Broissia
Mother: Elea

Andalusians Ulisis

Ulisis *sold*
Stallion, born 2016
Father: Fuego
Mother: Gala

Andalusier Rayito

Rayito *sold*
Stallion, black horse, born 2013
Father: Aceituno

Andalusian Quinn

Quinn *sold*
Stallion, black horse, born 2012
Father: Fuego
Mutter: Batida

Andalusian Eclipse

Eclipse *sold*
Stallion, Black horse, born 2000
Father: Kai-Kirse
Mother: Hebrea X

Andalusian Levante

Levante *sold*
Stallion, White horse, born 2007
Father: Esperado
Mother: Hebrea X

Andalusian Piropo

Piropo *sold*
Stallion, Black horse, born 2011
Father: Aceituno
Mother: Caprichosa

Andalusian Horses for Sale

All our horses for sale have been born and raised on the stud farm. Of course they are all Pura Raza Espanola with original Spanish documents and entries in the Spanish Stud Book. As far as the mares for sale are concerned, you still have the option of the mare being covered on the farm. Our young horses are of course always allowed to grow up in the herd and the stallions to be in the colt herd, where they can develop a normal social behavior. Thus muscles and the sequence of movements develop naturally and in the best possible way by playing with peers.

Frequently we also sell weanlings. If interested, please get in touch with us. > Contact

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